Sunday, December 27, 2009

forgive me while I tout the loot

Now the Mom in this family has no more excuses. Time to get off the ol' cell phone, pick up the real thing and start shooting actual photos. This year for Christmas I got a book to help me understand my new digital SLR camera, which--I'll freely admit--I find quite intimidating, as I've never had a formal photography class or teacher. I am by no means a technophobe, however, photography terms alone have me squirming in my seat. Here's to hoping my passion for photography will carry me through the initial pain of climbing the steep learning curve incline.

The trouble with working with an SLR is that for an instant sharing whore like me, there is quite a process, and therefore delay, before being able to post pics online for others to respond to. But practicing patience is good exercise for me.

I have my camera and how-to book, among other wonderful gifts, Jonah has these (and more) new treasures to be excited about: legos, preschooler board games (which teach many valuable skills, but also provide him with an additional opportunity to boss the rest of the family around. Oy vey!), and--his favorite--roller skates and gear. I'm already imagining myself running around the neighborhood, panting like a maniac while holding Jonah's hand to help him balance. But maybe he'll surprise me and not need handholding for too long. But those falls, those falls... The worrywart mother that I am, I pray for soft, safe landings.

This year we're spending Christmas at Jonah's paternal grandparents in Montana where the sky is blue, the ground covered in snow, and the temperature down to 0°F at night. Though there's plenty of fun to be had on the slopes down the road and in Chico Hot Springs a couple of days from now, work for my teaching job is piled high and always nagging at me from every corner. Still, there is also plenty of time to relax and plenty of time to think about the New Year, approaching fast.

Over the last few months I have been experiencing a sort of a personal creative renaissance, feeling inspired and excited to not only take snapshots, but to also write. Writing has been a theme throughout my life, but I have often abandoned it, feeling constricted, even pained by the act of writing. Working with words easily overwhelms me, though I'm drawn to it like a fly to simple syrup.

With the new year coming, I have been charting out some resolutions for myself. Although I am generally not a fan of resolutions, it's good to spend some energy on crystallizing some goals for myself. This time, my goals involve a lot of creative activity as well as ways to stay inspired and connected to strong, positive, creative people. Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good about 2010. Hope you are too.

(The black & white images are mine, taken with an iPhone camera)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

the budding caveboy artist

Jonah can now write his name. Notice how anatomically correct his caveman-style self-portrait is :)

And here is a portrait of me, Mom.

I must share that Jonah insists on his own terminology for female anatomy: "It's not a vagina, mom! It's puh-gina!" Because the sounds must match for males and females, i.e. alliteration. Ah, kids.... Never cease to amuse.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mommy's making a list

People have been nagging me about what's on my list for Santa. As the years go on, I find I'm less and less enthused about gift-centered holidays, especially Christmas. I like to blame my lack of excitement on the semi-Semite in me asserting herself more vigorously each year as I get older. But more likely it's my inner curmudgeon and my lazy self that have begun to take over this time of year. Now I do enough just to participate in the charade mostly for my son.

But let me not be a stink bug now. I'll try to muster up some cheer.

Here are a couple of items I've found so far for my list:

Now with this one, I could either scratch in the hard-to-reach places, 0R do the "smell the ol' graveyard?" trick the Czechs are known to pull when someone gets on their wrong side.

What is she talking about, you may be asking yourselves. Well, rather than punch someone outright, the Czechs like to give a wee last-minute test before all hell breaks loose: fist in the face of one's opponent and the question: "Smell the graveyard?" Things usually end on a good note then.

And here is the other item for my list. How about it?